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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship With Your Filipina Girlfriend

127Is your long distance relationship with your Filipina girlfriend turning out to be more challenging that you would’ve expected? If you’re a bit confused on how you can maintain a fulfilling relationship with the love of your life, then here are a few tips on Filipina dating that might help you sort out this dilemma.

Assuming that you live in opposite sides of the world, one of the first things that you’ll need to deal with is the cultural differences. Most Filipina women tend to be quite conservative so if you want to stay in your girlfriend’s good graces, make sure to always treat her with respect. Mentioning anything about sex early on for example may turn her off so it would be best for you to earn her trust first before you start opening up sensitive issues.

The Filipino women in general have a good command of the English language, but if you want to score major points with the woman of your dreams, try learning a few phrases from her native tongue. You can start off by looking up how to say “I love you” and “how are you”. If you want to maintain a long distance relationship with your Filipina girlfriend, you’ll make that effort to overcome the language barrier.

Since Filipinas are famous the world over for being committed and loyal lovers, it’s important that you make it a point to always be sincere with your girlfriend. As long as you remain truthful to her and you reciprocate her loyalty, you can expect her to stick with you even if you’re currently residing in different continents.

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How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship

126A relationship in itself is never easy to maintain, how much more if it is a long distance kind of relationship? If you are in a long distance relationship with your loved one, make sure that you put in that much effort in order to make the relationship work. To help you survive a long distance relationship and maintain the connection that you have with your loved one, read the following tips now:

Communication is the Key

The best way to maintain a long distance relationship is by means of constant communication with your loved one. With all the great innovation in technology now, communicating with your loved one is now so easy. Aside from long distance phone calls and texting, you can now video chat with your loved one through the Internet at anytime all throughout the day. So if you want your relationship to work, make sure that you set aside some of your time in communicating with your partner.

Surprise Each Other

Surprising your loved one every once in a while could bring spice in your relationship, which is helpful in making your relationship to work even if you are far from each other. You can either send her gifts or love letters and cards even if there are no important occasions, or perhaps, make a surprise visit to him/her if you can. Surprising your loved one even if there are no special occasions would make him/her feel so special and loved.

Do Not Forget Your Special Dates

Remembering your anniversaries and birthdays is another way to keep your relationship going even if you are far from each other. So even if you are busy at work or in school, always make sure that you greet your loved one on her birthday and of course, on your anniversaries. One of the reasons why long distance couples would often breakup is because they often neglect the special moments in their loved one’s life.

Maintain Emotional Attachment

Even if you are not beside your loved one, it is still important to maintain an emotional connection. Be expressive with your feelings when talking to your loved one over the phone or through the Internet. Also, try to be intimate every time you talk to each other so as to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, the two most important things to keep in mind when you are in a long distance relationship are to be patient and to remain faithful to your partner. With time, you will soon be seeing each other again and relish the joy in being in each other’s arms. I hope all these tips on how to maintain long distance relationship could help you to survive a long distance setup with your loved one and sustain the feelings that you have for each other.

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Surmounting the Challenges of Long Distance Relationships

125Couples are finding more reasons to seek long distance relationship advice because of the seemingly insurmountable challenges of maintaining this kind of relationship. It is great to have someone to call your sweetheart, but having a love life is not that easy when the person you are in a relationship with is thousands of miles away. No one really intends to be in a long distance relationship just because of the innate difficulties of such a setup. Nevertheless, sometimes love just blooms between people who do not live in the same city, or in some cases not even the same country. It happens a lot these days since the Internet and telecommunications systems allow for more intimate long distance communications. In other instances, people who spend a lot of time together and eventually fall in love end up leaving to stay in other places for extended periods due to work or other circumstance.

Difficult but not impossible to maintain

Being physically apart hurts. This is especially true if you want nothing more than to be near the person that you love all the time. Relationships are plagued by doubts and fears, but these worries are more pronounced in couples who are far apart most of the time.

The most relevant question is whether the couple has what it takes to survive the situation. At first, the excitement of the first few days of being in love drowns everything else. Eventually, reality catches up with them and sometimes reality bites. However, this kind of relationship only fails if the people involved takes on a defeatist attitude. Though difficult, long distance couples succeed in forging a stronger bond despite the distance. It is not an impossible task, but it takes a clear understanding of what it takes to maintain a long distance relationship for the set up to work.

Thoughts to stay away from

The downfall of a long-distance relationship or any relationship for that matter is doubt. It is natural to feel doubt, especially in the long lulls between the times that you spend together as a couple. It is also quite natural to ask for reassurance. However, if doubt dominates the relationship, then it is doomed to fail for sure. Moreover, self-defeating thoughts and frustrations do not help at all. Giving into hopelessness only makes it more difficult to cope with the absence of the loved one. Instead, the couple must focus on finding new ways to express their love and reciprocate their mutual admiration. Being positive and optimistic is the best approach to take in order to avoid heartache and pain.

Prioritize the one you love

Relocating to another city and being away from the person you love means juggling schedules and dealing with difference in time zone, in some situations. Making time is given a new context, but if the person you are in a relationship with is a priority, then it should not be that complicated. If setting aside time for this person is at the top of your list, and then there is no chance for the relationship to fail, despite everyone else predicting it will not last.