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Commitment Overcomes Threats in Long-Distance Relationships

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Long-distance relationships have common threats that only strong commitment can over come. These long-distance relationship threats include:

– Third parties. This threat comes when both partners let their loneliness take over.
– Malicious intrigues. This threat works badly when transparency and trust are absent.
– Jealousy. This threat enters the picture when insecurities come to play.

All of these long-distance relationship threats can potentially ruin any long-distance relationship when left unchecked. This is why the role of commitment must be fully understood, revitalized and actualized.

Role of Commitment in Long-Distance Relationships
The role of commitment in long distance relationships is by all means vital. It serves as an invisible chain that binds couples engaged in long-distance relationships to be together. It somehow makes the individuals involved in long-distance relationships to keep communication lines open at all times. Commitment keeps the heart loving and the love going. Commitments must be fully understood before engaging in a long-distance relationship.

Understanding Commitment
Commitments in a long-distance relationship and love are synonymous. Bear in mind that commitment without love is as good as nothing. Love without commitment is likewise worth nothing. Commitment and love are like heart and soul. Both are inseparable.

Aside from this, commitment means Turning promises in to reality. Remember, commitment is about word of honor. Always mean what is being said and say what is being meant.

Revitalizing Commitment
Commitment must be revitalized every now and then. Here are some tips for revitalizing commitments in long-distance relationships:

1. Exercise planning and setting goals together. This exercise can help couples enhance their shared beliefs, expectations and ideas. It also adds more familiarity and intimacy to their long distance relationship.

2. Maintain mutual respect for each other. Respect each other’s views, beliefs and opinion. Respect each other’s decisions. Avoid making decisions without asking consent or permission.

3. Fine time to recall as often as possible the reasons that have made the relationship come to terms. Remember. Consider only Reasons that require more than emotion. Realize that commitment usually goes beyond feelings.

4. Be optimistic all the time. Avoid skeptics as much as possible. Run away from people who are always pessimistic about long distance relationships.

5. Practice transparency. Be transparent as much as possible. Let go of the myth that too much transparency could be disastrous. Keep in mind that transparency builds trust. Transparency takes rooms of suspicion away. Commitment and transparency are likewise inseparable.

6. Learn the art of surprise. Find time sending surprises such as cards, gifts, letters, and Flowers. Use modern technology to maintain constant communications. Do not just settle for a single mode of communication like the telephone. Try the latest forms such as Instant messaging tools, Emails, VoIP phones, snail mails, and cellphones. Most mobile phones at present have exceptional features that can connect anyone in any part of the world. Tri-band cellphone networks can be used globally worldwide. Commitment can be easily revitalize when communication lines are open at all times.

7. Share memorable experiences like:

– Exchange latest video clips and audio recordings
– Share latest photos or Personal calendars
– Watch similar TV shows or movies while talking online or on the phone.
– Answer Puzzles together while online
– Exchange digital photographs and videos of daily activities and send them through e-mail
– Exchange photos with each other also using cellphones with cameras
– Send favorite songs and ring tones through mobile phones

3 Ways to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Interesting

136When starting a long distance relationship, it’s normal and natural to have all sorts of fears, worries, and questions. A major concern many people have is how to keep it interesting and fun. Although there are a ton of great ways and ideas to keep it out of the ordinary, I’d like to cover three of them here.

First, remember that relationships need stimulation to stay exciting! Obviously, every relationship varies, but most people get tired or burned out of the exact same routine over and over. You need to stir it up from time to time to keep everyone on their toes! It never hurts to do something unexpected and awesome for your partner.

Gifts are always welcome!

For one, sending a simple gift, either in the mail, or from a place like Amazon or eBay, is always fun. Most people like to be surprised by an unexpected gift. Don’t underestimate the power of thoughtful letters (snail mail style) as well.

Second, get creative.

Play an instrument? Create a song! It doesn’t have to be a complicated and professional Grammy-worthy guitar ballad, just use what you have. Write a ditty and tell your partner it was inspired by them.

Do you draw well? Draw them something, maybe a portrait of you together. Paint a watercolor or even a Jackson Pollock style drip painting….heck, anyone can do that! It doesn’t have to be a Monet, it just has to be something you created to show your partner you care and you’re thinking of them.

Third, ask more questions. There’s always more to know about a person!

Now, most connections start with all sorts of questions to get to know each other, but it can be fun and insightful to go beyond the whole “where are you from, what do you do, etc” type questions.

Do a quick internet search for “interesting questions to ask people” and get some ideas. Get crazy! It’s amazing how telling some of these answers can be! You might even discover something really cool you can use as a basis for a gift later on.

For example, ask them who the most attractive Disney princess or leading man is. Ask what their favorite animal cracker is and why. Ask if they had to go throughout life with skates for feet or lasers for eyes, which would they choose and why?

These types of questions, ridiculous as they seem, can really make a relationship fun and exciting. The point is that it’s different! Personally, I have done all sorts of these questions with my spouse, and we love the funny answers we get from each other. It’s a nice way to unwind and joke around, but still be communicating and learning about each other at the same time.

Keep these suggestions in mind to maintain an exciting relationship well into the future.

About the Author

Nichole White is a survivor of 3 mismanaged long distance relationships and one successful one that led to a happy marriage. She is passionate about teaching others how to make their long distance relationship work for the long term.

How Can You Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Healthy?

Long Distance Relationship concept with red phones

It a fact of our modern and mobile lifestyles: many people find themselves in a long distance relationship at some point or another. With colleges and job changes, moving is a very likely option for you or your partner at some point or another placing a distance between the two of you. There are things that you can do to help you keep a healthy relationship despite being apart physically.

The first thing that you must do is trust each other. Without trust, these types of relationships can become nothing less than miserable. Worry and anxiety will overtake you if you don’t trust him or her.

Try to communicate as best as you can. Without communication, the relationship won’t grow at all and might even wither. If you are limited on time, you can still communicate properly if the relationship is important to you. Focus on depth of communication.

Learn how to support each other emotionally. Even though you aren’t physically close, you can still support each other and be emotionally close to each other.

Plan on having dates with each other. It’s not a silly thing to plan on having time for each other to look forward to even though you are apart. With technology, it’s easy to stay in touch. In fact you can even see each other with web cams. Do your best that you can to still have things you can do together.

Be very clear about your thoughts and your feelings. Since your partner can’t read your body language, you will have to be clear about how you express yourself.

Have a plan for the next time you will physically be seeing each other. This gives you a goal or a target date that you know for a fact that you two can see each other and be together again. This helps at times when the distance becomes difficult.

Keeping the Love Alive In Long Distance Relationships Using Text Messages

135Time and distance apart for some people, makes it hard to bear being away from their loved one. Yet for some, time and distance does not matter because they keep their love alive via constant communication. Online chats, text messages, and phone calls have become the solution to this predicament.

However, are these the only things that will make a long distance relationship work? What of emotional contact, trust in the unseen, and building on expectations and commitments? All these are element of building and maintain a relationship that do, but not entirely, depend on communication.

It may seem to be a tough road ahead for a relationship especially when doing one’s best to build and maintain a feeling of togetherness and show that distance and time apart will just be like the passing wind. There are ways that a simple text message can magical, spring forth sparks of desire, love, and appreciation of a love shared between two people regardless of the times spent apart and the distance.

But, in as much as words expressed in written form move the heart, these words alone will not suffice to spark up the romance; hence, some people will still be sad, gloomy and depressed because they are far from their loved ones.

On the other hand, the use of text messages will be a key element in the things one does to ensure they keep their long distance relationship alive. One particular way of doing this is in the exchange of words of love and affection. A simple text saying, I love you, I miss you, and other similar words is symbolic of the feeling on has at that moment the message is sent.

Though they are simple yet few words, the carry immense emotional weight. These are messages that one can send to their loved one through online chats or via the phone. It takes no effort to do this and its impact on the relationship cannot be equated to its simplicity.

Taking time just talk even if it is via text messages does also help. The focus will be on not just expressing the love shared but also taking time to share about life experiences missed out of when apart. This builds a feeling of togetherness. A good example is to simultaneously do activities that both of you love doing. It can be reading a novel you both like, watching a movie, or even cooking.

The best bit of it is holding a conversation about it, sharing what one is doing creates a feeling that the other is their giving a hand. The conversation can be via text messages, online chats, or via a phone call.

Still on sharing those special moments, there are times when you will spend some alone time yet having your love one running through your mind. For instance, you may taking a stroll in the park or decide to go see the countryside just to cherish similar moments that you have with your spouse.

Taking time to share the various sites and sounds you viewed is a great way of keeping the long distance relationship alive. You can do that in real-time using Google maps and taking and sending pictures and video clips to each other as you chat online. A nice surprise can be keep some of the adventures and then sending them via postage; similar to sending a text message, writing a letter and placing a few pictures in it of the places visited while stating how much you would have love to have been together with your spouse helps keep the love and feeling of commitment for each other alive.

A Great Way to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Going

134Did you know that dirty talk text messages can be key to keeping your relationship going if the two of you live far apart?

It’s true! You’d never suspect it, but the tiny cell phone and its ability to send text messages can make it seem like the two of you are together even when you physically are not.

It’s great not only for long distance relationships but for being away on business trips and other times away, as well. It will keep the two of you hot for each other during times apart.

Dirty talk text messages don’t have to be complicated.

In fact, it’s better for your phone bill if they are not. You’ll just want to shoot off a quick line or two to your partner at random times of the day, telling him or her how much you’re thinking about doing certain sexual things to him or her right then. Briefly describe the sexual act you’re envisioning, and then send the message. You’ll likely get one in response telling you that the idea sounds good, and following up with some suggestions of your partner’s own. Do this several times a day while you’re apart, and by the time you get together again, the two of you will practically be tearing each others’ clothes off as soon as you see each other.

One thing you want to be sure of with dirty talk text messages is that you keep them discreet. Make certain no one else but you sees them. This means don’t leave your phone out where other people may pick it up and start scrolling through your messages. You may think that no one you know would do that, but people are curious by nature, and sometimes the temptation to see what is on your text message box is too great to ignore. You don’t want the embarrassment of a family member or co-worker seeing the messages. In most cases, it is best to delete them, along with your responses, as soon as you get them.

Dirty talk text messages are a fairly modern invention, but they work.

They allow you to stay in touch with the object of your desire at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world, sending him or her a message of your love, desire, and affection whenever you like. This will make the other person feel loved and will create a stronger bond between the two of you.

If you have a cell phone and can text on it, use this technique whenever you’re apart, even if it’s only during the work day, and see just what wonders it works for your sex life together.